Happy SAS-iversary <3

One year ago today I set foot onto the MV Explorer. I was welcomed by faculty and lifelong learners and families. I was wandering with little idea of where to go. I could barely find the deck I lived on let alone my room. I met the most amazing RD. I ate lunch with strangers. I met my wonderful roommate. I sat through hours and hours and hours of orientation events. I had no cell phone service, no contact to people I knew besides email, and I had literally no idea what I was getting myself into. 

One thing they kept repeating over and over in orientation events was the phrase, “This is the time of your life.” 

I can honestly say one year ago today I didn’t believe them for a second but now it is absolutely the most accurate thing I have ever heard.

To the friends that became instant family, to the lunches and dinners that lasted for hours, to the places and sights that amazed me, to the professors that opened my eyes and mind to not only new subjects but to the world around me….I am truly grateful for each and every single thing I experienced on this voyage. It changed me as a person, student, traveler, and citizen of the world. There is truly nothing like this program. I am forever proud to be a SASser and I hope one day to return to the ship and sail again. And if not… I hope that all who travel after me can experience the same euphoria that seeing those lights in the distant after a long day at port telling you that you’re home. 

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